Mary Brown

Welcome to Bennettsville Primary School: Where DREAMS Begin!  My name is Mary Brown and I will be your child's teacher this year.  I know we are going to have a great time working together to help your children achieve their dreams!  You must BELIEVE to ACHIEVE and that is what my class is all about.  I BELIEVE that all children can LEARN!  They can ACHIEVE their goals if we work together to help them discover the world around them.  We will use all of our senses to learn about each other and how we interact with the world around us..  
We will be going over the rules and procedures for the Four Bes for Success!  Be Respectful - Be Responsible-Be Cooperative- and Be Courageous!  We will talk about what it means and how it looks, sounds, and makes us feel by discussing, drawing and role playing different situations in school.
 We will be learning about each other as we review our STAR each day and find out a child's name, age, and favorite: color, food, animal and sport.  Each day we will be making a class book about one of the students  we will have interviewed all the students in the class.  
Also your child will be assessed three times this year with DOMINIE and MAP testing.  The Dominie is given one on one and each student is asked to complete several basic skills to show what they know at the beginning - middle and end of the year.  The MAP test is given on the computer and our class goes into the computer lab to take both Reading and Math tests at grade level.  
Everyone had their annual review at the end of last year so Please review your child's goals and objectives and continue to work on them at home.  We will be reading, writing, drawing and creating in English Language Arts.  We will be coloring, sorting, matching, making and counting in math.  Our Science unit is about Types of Matter.Health and Safety we will review emergency procedures for Fire, Tornado, Earthquake and LOCKDOWN drills. and Social Studies we will be learning about our family and how we interact and work and have fun together.
Our class has 7 students and 3 adults.  I have the very best support team in Mrs. Frances Locklear and Mrs. Mary Miller.  Together we will help your children do their best!  
I would like to THANK YOU now for all the hard work we will do together to help your children ACHIEVE their DREAMS!