Scholastic Book Orders

  Approximately once a month, your child will bring home a Scholastic Book Order.  This is a great way to find super deals on books for your kids.  Plus, each time you order, we earn books and materials for our classroom!  

     Typically there will be one week until the orders are due.  There are two options for ordering.  The first is to fill out the order form and send it and a check made out to "Scholastic" in an envelope to school by the due date.  The other option is online.  

  To order online at you will  set up your online ordering.  

 -Click on Parents.

 -Then, click Book Clubs.

  -Under First Time Here? Click           Register.  

 -You will need this code:  WW446 .

 Then, as you return each month, you will continue to use the class code to access your online order forms