Mary Brown

Happy New Year.  The end of the nine weeks is next week and we are just starting to test with the Dominie. Please review your child's goals and objectives and continue to work on them at home.  We are reading, writing, drawing and  creating in English Language Arts.  We are coloring, sorting, matching, making and counting in math.  Our Science unit is about the Four Seasons and the weather, clothing, food, sports, and holiday of each season.  The students will be dressing magnet dolls according to the weather.  Social Studies we are reading 2034 which the story all about what the students do when they grow up.   
  Reading, Spelling and Writing we are continuing with the letters of the alphabet and sounds and adding new words to our word wall. 
The kindergarten students are now required to give a word for their picture, and first grade are to write a sentence about their picture for their daily journal.  Second grade has to write two sentences about their picture. 
In Math we will continue working on numbers, sets and operations as well as making and reading graphs.
MAP testing will open soon and I will keep you posted on when and what test we will be taking.